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[Summer 2010] I have always been on the lookout for the ideal disc golf property. One day, while returning to Traverse City from downstate, along Us-131 just north of Cadillac, I marveled at the landscape on both sides of the freeway and how awesome it would be to fling some discs around on the rolling hills. Then, just south of Manton on the west side of the road, I saw a large "For Sale" sign. The seed was planted! Now, I just needed to find a realtor listing. A bit of searching revealed that the parcel was 44 acres, and they were asking $88,000.

[Fall 2012] Fast forward a couple of years - keeping this property in the back of my mind, I would occasionally check to see if it was still for sale and if the price had changed. At this time the price had dropped to $45,000. I decided to get a better look at the parcel and see how well it would suit my vision.

[February 7, 2013] By now, the price had fallen to $38,000., and it became too temping not to make a move. After securing the funds, I made my way to the Title Office in Cadillac and made the purchase. My dream was now becoming a reality.

[Spring 2013] The winter was killing me! I could not wait to get out to the property and start building the disc golf course I've always imagined. It was like being an artist with a blank canvas before me - so I set out to map the first 18 holes and a couple of prime campsites - the first one being right at the property entrance and the second on top of the ridge at the northern end. Below are some snapshots of the early construction phase, with help from my wife Jennie and my good friend Mark "Bubba" Boring, both of whom were very critical in helping with the funding of this venture. Seeing that this would be a place where I would be spending a lot of time, the name "Wild Haven" seemed like a natural choice.