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Sasquatch Safari

Sasquatch Safari is, as its name suggests, a "Safari" layout. If you have never heard that term before, it is one used in disc golf to describe a layout typically made as a "random" assortment of tees and holes that are different from the standard layout - throwing from #1 tee to #2 basket, for example. Sometimes a Safari layout can be made into a permanent one; the "Goliath" layout at Mason County Park is one that is essentially playing the "Beast" layout backwards. You have to be careful when playing this way to make sure that you are not going to interfere with anyone playing the standard layout, since they might not expect discs flying in from a different direction! Sasquatch is a combiniation of tees and holes from both layouts, and is much longer and likewise more difficult than either of the standard layouts. Since Little Bigfoot is under construction with new tees and pin positions, Sasquatch is also going to be remodeled after the work on Little Bigfoot is done, in the summer of 2023. Check back here for more information as to when it will reopen, but we can tell you that the front 9 alone will be over 7000 feet!